Building Your Company’s Website Is Kinda Like Building A House

How Well Thought-out Is Your Blueprint?

Like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to the use of analogies. So much so it’s as much curse as blessing when describing things, in both speech and prose. Better still is when I mix my metaphors and analogies up in a confusing jumble of words that makes little to no sense, leaving me more confused than my audience. 🙂

One particular analogy I really enjoy centers around creating a company’s digital experience. When framing digital strategy conversations, my go-to analogy is about building a house.

Aside from the obvious similarities in defining the cost and scope of each (How big is the house? What neighborhood do you want to live in? Etc.), I feel like this particular comparison works on an even deeper level. A central example of this is that creating the lynchpin in any digital experience—the website—is so akin to all the phases of home construction.

Your overarching digital strategy, content plan, and Information Architecture all parallel the blueprint stage of architecture. Next you have your technology stack, from the platform you build the site with to the various integrations that need to be accounted for behind the scenes. This is very similar to the foundation and framing that has to be laid and constructed before any more nuanced detail work can begin.

Picking your particular floor plan? How will your family use the house day to day? User experience. Exterior and interior design? Brand identity and User Interface design. Making sure the location is convenient for your family, work, school, and for guests to find? SEO and various paid lead generation methods ensure that visitors can find your site easily. How much will your utility bills be? That’s a measurement and analytics plan. And so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

Pretty perfect, right? It holds up most of the time, and is especially helpful when talking tech with non-tech types. The more relatable the analogy the easier complicated things can be to understand. Making digital marketing relatable is something I pride myself on, but I still have miles to go and metaphors to mix on as I continue on this journey.

And did I mention that we can do this for you? From assisting your agency or business in strategic direction and digital engagements of all shapes and sizes to rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty swinging the digital hammer ourselves, let us know how we can help. Now pardon me while we slap these construction helmets on our heads and get back to work!

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