How Important Is Your Website To Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

The Center Of Your Digital Marketing Universe

It may seem too simplistic, or even redundant, to say that your company’s website is the literal center point of your entire digital marketing ecosystem. Every single marketing tactic you try, in some way, comes back to this central experience. Yet I would go even further and state that it is the lynchpin to your entire brand and business, and couldn’t be more important.

Whether you are attracting new customers or trying to retain existing ones, looking to fill job vacancies, or pitching investors in another round of funding, your website is the first place they will go. From the lowliest direct mail piece to a simple Google Maps link, even the most basic inbound and outbound marketing tactics rely on your web presence. And if you are investing in more complex traditional or digital marketing endeavors? Many a home page has been quickly abandoned after a visit post television commercial or promotional email, due to underwhelming or frustrating this potential customer as they seek to learn more.

Your website says a lot about you, and provides maybe the only chance a customer might have to validate your worthiness as a potential earner of their business. Are you legitimate? Does it look like you offer quality products or services? Does it look like the kind of business I want to visit or work for? Do they even care about their own brand? Do they actually offer something I want? Can I even use this site easily and find what I need? If the answer is negative for any of these, what does that say about the company itself?

Each question is important. Each begs an answer as to how you will be perceived, fairly or not. Often though, business owners are too busy managing the day to day, heads down instead of heads up. But forsaking that horizon can have dire consequences for the brand and the business. Not investing the time, money, or effort now could be directly influencing a steady stagnation, or at least plateau, in growth.

Hope, however, is not lost. You can turn this source of frustration into a crown jewel, with a little help. Will it be easy? Nothing great ever is. But it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle. With an experienced partner, one who has helped successfully guide others through similar quagmires, you too can reach the other site and turn your website into something that works for you instead of against you. LACUNA is that missing piece you’ve been looking for.

Our goal is to provide experienced, strategic guidance right from the start by the very same senior-level experts that will be executing the work. Efficient. Affordable. Effective. That’s LACUNA. And we’re great at listening, we want to make sure we really understand the problems you need help solving. We also realize that not every business needs a truly bespoke solution. Sometimes a straightforward package works too.

But that’s enough sales pitch for one post… if you’d like to talk more, let’s chat!

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