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Performance marketing made easy. And affordable.

Do you have a growth mindset for your business? From email to ads to analytics to social, LACUNA is the perfect partner for your digital marketing needs. When you’re ready to move beyond just having a nice website, we’re here to enable a mature marketing stack for your business without emptying your pocketbook.

Digital marketing works.

But is yours working for you? Don’t blindly believe a straightforward headline, do your own research. We’ve gathered a few key facts below to help showcase just how important getting it right is to your business. 


of companies increased their pre-sale credibility and trust through digital marketing tactics.1


of analysts agree that a site’s Sales / Leads / Conversion Rate is the #1 metric to track.2


more sales are generated by companies that nurture their leads through inbound marketing.3


better conversion rate for Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic than organic site visitors.4


of B2B marketers cite email as their top channel for revenue generation.5


of consumers in 2022 went to the web first to find local businesses.6

Working with the team at LACUNA was fast, friendly, and best of all, effective.

When I started my business, they helped me create a website from scratch, then guided me in my digital marketing with paid search and SEO. I couldn’t have asked for better partners to help me get going, fast!

Jeff Hopler

Owner, Captain

You’re not a client, you’re a partner. 
And here’s a few of ours.

How would you like to grow?

Our marketing packages are the perfect place to start on your digital marketing journey. New to one (or all) of these? We can help you get started from scratch, no problem. Already active, but need expert guidance on growing your offerings? We can do that too.


If you have a business website, you need it to be easy to find. This means making it attractive to search engines (and users!), so it appears higher in any search results. Increasing traffic without paying for ads? Why wouldn’t you. 

Activities could include:

Website Auditing

Technical Architecture

Keyword Research & Content Strategy

Content Development

On Page Content Optimization

Website Migration

Competitor Analysis

Packages typically starting at:



Timeline varies according to activities needed

Paid Media Management

Digital advertising is tricky business. Luckily we know the space quite well. Whether you’re starting out with a small budget or if you need optimization for a large campaign, LACUNA can help ensure your dollars are hard at work.

Activities could include:

Paid Social (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Paid Search (Google Ads, Bing Ads)

Display Ad Creative & Development

Platform Auditing & Implementation

Campaign Strategy & Optimization

Keyword Gap Analysis & Optimization

Conversion Integration

Packages typically range from:



Timeline varies according to activities needed


Managing your customers and their data is no easy task. Leveraging that data in successful nurturing campaigns is even harder. From implementation to optimization, we’re here to guide and deliver CRM that works for you.

Activities could include:

CRM Strategy & Marketing Automation

Audience Management

User Journey Development

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Platform Auditing & Implementation

 Digital Maturity Mapping

Packages typically range from:



Timeline varies according to activities needed

Measurement & Optimization

Your data is priceless. Yet if you don’t understanding it or leverage it, it might as well be worthless. We can help ensure you are utilizing the full power of analytics to make sure your data is driving your marketing tactics.

Activities could include:

Measurement Strategy & Planning

Objective & KPI Development

Tag Management

E-commerce Tracking & CRO

Enhanced Conversion Tracking

A/B Testing

Data Visualization & Reporting

Packages typically start at:



Timeline varies according to activities needed

Questions? Answers!

We know you have questions. Who wouldn’t? Feel free to schedule a call with us to talk through any of your questions in detail. In the meantime, check out our FAQ below for some of the basics.

Our websites packages are designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The truth, however, is that our services are really targeted towards businesses that know that have to set themselves apart from their competition. Those looking for extreme value, and focused on creating a professional, high-converting website presence. No longer satisfied with the DIY approach, but too pragmatic for to throw money away on a big agency. If that’s you, then both these packages and LACUNA might be the perfect fit for you.

For the most part, these packages include everything you will need from the initial design all the way through final development. You can be expected to provide initial insight on your brand and your goals for the site, along with most of the starting content. That content would either come from your existing site, and we’ll help you flesh it out or fill any gaps, or from other marketing material you may have. Past that, the only other thing you would need to provide is your logo and any custom photography of you, your products/services, or other stock images you have already purchased for your marketing efforts.

Advanced or custom functionality is something we can provide on a case-by-case basis. We also do e-commerce, through either shopify or WordPress / Woo-Commerce. In either of these cases, simply schedule your free consultation to discuss your specific needs to ensure we can build what you are after. If so, we’ll use the package prices above plus quote you a custom add-on charge for your use case.

We only build websites and landing pages built on CMS platforms. You will always be able to edit your own content, and we will provide both access and training on the basics. Our platforms of choice are WordPress, Webflow, Shopify and Hubspot. We’ll select a platform based on your specific needs after our initial discovery conversation, to make sure it’s as good a fit as we are!

No, our packages do not include basic domain name registration or hosting services. There are two reasons for that: First, if we charge for them we have to mark them up to account for setup time and maintenance over time, which we don’t want to require you purchase—but we do offer a monthly service plan that includes these things plus an hour of updates/site work to add value. Second, we always prefer that our clients own their own hosting and domains, and just allow us access.This keeps the power squarely in your hands in case you ever decide to take your business elsewhere.

We leverage Loom videos to record customized training micro-sessions on all the critical aspects of keeping your site current. How to edit content, update your people section or blog, etc. These videos are guided screenshares, and very easy to follow. Never used Loom before? Don’t worry, it does not require you to have an account and couldn’t be easier to use!

We can process payments several ways, from Credit Cards to checks to ACH. We’ll send you invoices based on your selected package. All packages are 50% up front, 50% upon delivery. This helps us both have skin in the game as we work through your project, ensuring quality work while at a faster pace. Please note that all invoices are due upon receipt, we do not work with any net-XX procurement schedules for our packages.