Different is good.
Especially our kind.

We're the missing piece you've been looking for.

When looking for a partner, sifting through a sea of sameness can be daunting, even exhausting. That’s why our goal is to stand out. To break through the clutter. Sounds like good marketing copy, right? Well we don’t just say it, we live it.

LACUNA is a digital marketing agency built with a difference.

Who we are

Every project, at every scale, is led by a subject matter expert (SME). Teams are rightsized around our leader-doers – and that means more output and less overhead.

We’re creators and curators. We’re scalable, yet lean by design. We’re broadly skilled but narrowly focused. And while traditional digital agencies hunt the big score, we seek the perfect fit.

The LACUNA difference

We love puzzles and games, which you may have caught on to by now. We view them as the perfect blend of creativity and logic, which is a pretty good representation of the work we do. And just like a puzzle, we’re made up of a few unique pieces that make us, us.

Experts, not egos

Each engagement is led by experienced doers, not just fast-talkers, ready to lead by example, not just words.

Straight shooters

We’re no nonsense in the best of ways, always quick with an honest opinion about what’s best for you, not us.

Collaborative care

We’re partners. Not a client and their vendor. And as such our goal it to work together to deliver on time, on budget, and on target.

Results minded

We’re laser focused around tangible, measurable results. Ones as good for your business as they are your bottom line.

The way we work

We don’t have a cleverly branded agency process, aside from some simple alliteration. We prefer a straightforward approach to working with our partners, one where steady progression is valued over endless spin and churn. It’s not fancy, but it works. We think you’ll like it.

Listen & learn

Our goal is to not just understand the challenge in front of us, but also what makes your situation and environment unique. Together we’ll clearly define the problem, the audience, and the business needs.

Collaborate & create

No one understands your business like you do. That’s a large part of why we view our projects as a partnership. And together we will craft a solution that solves for as many variables as possible, while still staying mindful of what’s practical.

Make & measure

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the execution. And once it’s handed over, the work doesn’t stop. We measure and analyze performance against established KPIs, iterating as needed to ensure success.

What’s with all the packages?

We’re trying something different. Transparent pricing, simple product-like services. Purchase only what you need, nothing more nothing less.

Transparency is something we’ve grown to value more and more over our careers. Combine that with a desire to provide business owners and marketing teams simple “productized services” with clearly defined output, and this packages approach was the result.

We believe that offering high quality output at a fair price shouldn’t be quite as unique as it seems to be. And knowing what something costs upfront just makes sense. So that’s what we did.

Like it? Awesome. So do we. Not so much? Well, we’re always happy to charge you more if you’d like us to. Just ask!